5 things you can do yourself

Protecting the office without hiring an expert

For good basic security, you don't need a degree in cybersecurity or a bottomless budget — here are five things that will get you on track.
Many home offices are only tentacles of virtual private network (VPN) companies, remote-controlled workstations with INFORMATION technology professionals in business offices that do heavy work. Often, however, IT super power is not available, so IT professionals become end users, wanted or not.

If that's you, don't worry. As this week's topic of cybersecurity awareness is "Protecting devices at home and at work," here are five things you can use to protect your office – without advanced cybersecurity or a million-dollar budget. Before we begin, the first point is really just the beginning. Some security is better than nothing and because it's so easy to be fascinated by technology, we're glad you're still reading and hoping you'll get ready and started.

Start with router

Stick to the baseline

set boundaries

be cautious

keep learning

stay safe and healthy

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